ADA Services

About ParaTRAX

ParaTRAX is a dial-a-ride transit service for seniors 55 years and older and persons with disabilities. ParaTRAX is a “rideshare" program – multiple trips are routed as efficiently as possible. Advance reservations are required and there is an additional charge for same-day service.

You may be eligible if you have a disability or a condition which makes it difficult or impossible to ride TRAX, such as:

  • You cannot travel to the bus stop due to physical limitations; visual, cognitive or developmental impairments
  • You cannot wait, either standing or sitting, at a bus stop for more than 15 minutes
  • You cannot get on or off the bus without assistance
  • You cannot understand transit directions or identify buses or bus stops
  • You cannot handle money or tickets
Accessible Point of Entry for Transit

We are happy to help you apply for ADA Certification

Please call (530) 385-2877 or download the application.

Advance reservations are required. Riders must book pick-up and return trips at the same time. The last pick up of the day must be scheduled at least 1/2 hour before the scheduled end of service:

  • Monday – Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm

The bus is shared with other riders which may lengthen ride times.

Show ADA card when boarding the bus.